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As a country, Singapore is a very small country, the smallest in all of Southeast Asia. Singapore in just 200 years has gone from being a completely "desert" island in the early nineteenth century to the fourth largest financial center in the world. It is possible that much of Singapore's success is due to its strategic position and British influence during the colonial era, a time that began with a small settlement back in 1819 and that lasted more than 100 years.

So let us check the reason why we love visit Singapore

1) Spend the day on a beach on the island of Sentosa

Sentosa is a small island connected to Singapore, which has become an amusement park. In it, in addition to museums, attractions and activities of 'adventure', is the famous Universal Studios Singapore. Although you are not interested in this kind of things, going to Sentosa is still worth spending a few hours or a day on one of its beautiful beaches.

2) Eat something and have a Cofi in Chinatown

Despite being one of the most colorful districts of the city, Chinatown is still a good option to go to eat something. The small neighborhood is formed by traditional houses of colors, very well preserved. There, in addition to good food, you will find plenty of souvenir shops. Do not forget to take a Cofi, the traditional Singaporean coffee.

3) Drinking a Chai Masala or a Lassi in Little India - Little-india-Singapore-2

The Indian neighborhood of Singapore is like a small Chennai but clean and without large masses of people. The main streets of the neighborhood are Buffalo Road and Serangoon Road. In the latter you can see the typical temple of South India, Sri Veerama Kaliamman.

We recommend a break for tea with milk typical of India, Chai Masala, or delicious iogurt drink, sweet Lassi.

4) Have a beer at night in Clarke Quay - Clark-Quay

If you have a large budget or you like to spend on food and drinks, spend the night at Clarke Quay on Clark Street. There you will find many restaurants and pubs for dinner or a beer surrounded by locals, tourists and expatriates. In that area you also take the boats-tour by the river. The beer was about $ 10.

5) Shopping on Orchard Road - Orchard-Road-of-Singapore

Orchard Road is the street of shopping centers par excellence. If you are looking for international brands, there you will find practically all of them. If what you want are bargains (cheap perfumes, clothes at a good price, etc.) I recommend the Lucky Shopping Mall, a kind of MBK from Bangkok in small.

6) Knowing a park like the Garden by the Bay - Park-of-Singapore

Singapore has several parks and botanical gardens that look very cool. It is a futuristic park, in which there are two greenhouses with microclimates in which plants of Mediterranean climate grow. In the park there are also the famous artificial trees that make photosynthesis and to which you can climb.

7) See the Sultan Mosque and the Arab Street area - Arab-street-mosque

The Sultan Mosque is also one of the typical images of the city. It is a mosque with a very photogenic golden dome, which is located in a beautiful tourist district where there are several souvenir shops, the occasional hostel and a couple of streets with a good offer of restaurants and pubs to have a drink. night.